When God provides

My lovely friends here!

Time is flying by so quickly.  Crazy to think about the fact that I will be leaving for Thailand in exactly 2 weeks from now.
So many new sides of God has been revealed to me and testimonies have been created.

If you read my post “When Mission isn’t glamous..” you would know that when I signed up for the Bible school I’m doing right now I only had little over half of the money (…and it’s a pretty expensive school). Most of my family and many of my “friends” expected that I wouldn’t be able to complete the school because I needed so much money.
Quickly the due days were coming up. I began to stress a little about it, because it required so much faith for me to believe that more than 2000 dollars would come in in less than a month. And fact is I didn’t have one single monthly supporter and didn’t know how I was going to do my fundraising (other than post about it here and on social media). But where God calls He also provides. The One who called me to be here was also faithful in the process and in my finances.

First a little less than 2000 dollars came in from an anonymous supporter.

Then around 300 dollars came in from another anonymous supporter.

And that was around the EXACT amount I needed to pay my lecture and outreach fees plus airfare.

Everything seemed to go perfect. I had all the money when I suddenly chipped part of my plastic front teeth and destroyed part of my braces/retainer. Something that I would need a lot of money for in order to fix. I called my insurance company, but they would barely be able to cover anything. Suddenly I was in a situation again of needing money. Probably around 1000 dollars more to fix my teeth. I know, such a PLOT TWIST!! But there was no way around it, so I called a doctor in Fresno (who also is a Christian) and got an appointment scheduled. When the time came for the appointment (1 day after I had called to be exact 😉 ) the dentist fixed my teeth and decided to also polish and whiten them and fix some other minor problems with my teeth. I got ready to use all the money people had donated to me in order to pay for the school fees on the dentist appointment, when the dentist told me he wanted to bless me by doing it all for free!!! CRAZYYY!!

It blows my mind to think about. The God who created heaven and earth and everything in this world knows me and knows exactly what I need. He doesn’t just view me as just another HUMAN, He knows and sees me as IDA. And the same goes for you reading this. In the middle of the 7 billion people you are surrounded by on this planet, He sees YOU and me.

On that note Charly and Kirsten, 2 of my team mates, still need more money to be able to go on outreach so donations towards them would be greatly appreciated. You can donate or read more here: https://www.gofundme.com/ywam-yosemite-mission-to-thailand or write to me for more information.

5 thoughts on “When God provides

  1. That is so incredible! We had a similar experience while raising money for a children’s home in Nepal. If it’s work God has set before you, you may encounter obstacles which seem insurmountable, but He clears the way.

  2. God is so good! Currently God is moving to paint a safe house for women healing from sex trafficking and I needed 100 cans of paint and 50 of kilz primer. God provided 1/2 that amount in less than 4 hours. I still have a month to gather the rest. God is good!

    1. That is so cool!! I love hearing about what you do-especially as someone who has been working in the red light district in Thailand helping women getting out!
      Keep up the good work!

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