Visiting Julie Nielsdotter jewelry

Earlier this week I had the immense pleasure of visiting and getting a tour of the Julie Nielsdotter Jewelry shop in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. And what an experience it was! Not only is the whole store infused with the most beautiful pink and gold tones, but Julie also makes the prettiest pieces of jewelry and has such a genuinely kind personality. Who says you can´t be kind and a leader at the same time? Julie embodies both things so well as she is a self-taught goldsmith.

The price range of the jewelry varies a lot. Some of the pieces cost as low as around 1.000 Danish kroner while other pieces cost almost 55.000 Danish kroner. So there surely is something for almost everyone. And yes, the prices might sound like a lot but when you learn about the process that goes behind each piece and how Julie mostly uses stones in their natural colors (yes even the pink stones are that color naturally!), which makes some of the stones come from places very far away like Madagascar where some of the pink gem stones are found.

All the different gem stones Julie uses in the jewelry she makes and sells online and in her shop.  All the thought-out details.

Like what you saw?

Then you should definitely check out Julie’s creations:

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