The unicorn toast | A healthy snack DIY

Eating the same snacks over and over again can quickly become soo boring and unappetizing so why not add a little twist to a regular, plain toast and turn it into a magical unicorn toast?! That’s exactly what I did and I love the results so much I wanted to share what I did with you’all! Cannot believe I missed out on it when the unicorn toast first appeared and went viral earlier this year (…like in Spring, duuh, read why here and here).

What you need:

  • Cream cheese
  • Food coloring (I used yellow, red, rose, purple, blue and green)
  • Toasted bread
  • A butter knife 
  • Sprinkles

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Divide your cream cheese into sections and add different food colorings to each bowl
  2. Stir it until it reaches the right color (I decided to go for  a kind of ombré look so I only stirred the mix gently)
  3. Add lines of the colors to the bread and blend them together slightly
  4. Add some sprinkles on top to make the toast look even more colorful (which also means magical!)

And voilá there you have it – the snack is now done and ready to be eaten…or let’s be real; maybe to photograph first 😉  Jokes aside, this unicorn toast wasn’t made solely for the purpose of looking good, it would be such a shame to throw food away. It’s totally edible and mine ended in the stomach where all food belongs. Who knows maybe the toast will come out again in rainbows? In case it does and you are a legitimate unicorn, please let me know!

If you give the toast a try yourself please share with me! @idapahus


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