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If there is a country I have been to that is taken straight out of a fairytale then it’s Slovenia. I came to this country with high expectations but Slovenia exeeded even them all. It even exeeded my wildest dreams of how much beauty can be found in one country. This country has so many beautiful places and is full of colors, is very eco-friendly, has some beautiful mountains and is in general a very green and harmonic country.
Having been there I really fail to see why Slovenia isn’t more known as tourist destination and more traveled to.

1. Lake Bled. Visiting this beautiful lake located in the Julian Alps with its beautiful island in the middle of the lake is nothing short of magical. This place is taken out of my wildest dreams and the water is the most blue and clean I have ever seen. So clean that you can see all the fish swimming around in it. I went there for a day and did the hike around the whole lake and up to the castle overlooking the lake and then rented a boat halfway and I absolute recommend seeing the lake from different sights.

2. Ljubljana. Slovenia’s capital is a very special capital to visit with its little less than 300.000 inhabitants, its many quaint and colorful buildings and its very clean streets. It’s absolutely manageable to get around in by walking and has a beautiful castle overlooking the whole city.

3. Museum of Illusions, Ljubljana. This museum offers around 40 exhibits, optical illusions and holograms. This place was so much fun and I ended up finding myself surprisingly loving this place which had so many fun installations that blew my mind.

4. Cafe Lolita. This place is an absolute treat and beautifully decorated and is located right in the heart of Ljubljana.

And some more pictures of Ljubljana:

5. Ljubljana Central Market. This market is divided into three sections. One located closely to the other. So fun to see locals selling their catch of the day in the fish market and other local products.

6. Ljubljana Castle. We went up there with the cable car and decided to walk for the way back to the centre. This castle is Ljubljana’s main attraction and is built in the middle of the 15th century.

Dress: bought at local shop in Mae Sariang, Thailand | Shoes: Urban Outfitters (sold out) | Bracelet: Pilgrim Jewellery

7. Smile Concept Store. This local store is soo cute and has many good gift options – most of them are even in English. This is surely my favorite shop in Ljublana so far.

8. Vintgar Gorge. This gorge is 1,6 kilometres long and showcases exceptionally spectacular waterfalls, polls and cascades. If you visit this place I encourage you to come early in the morning (we arrived there around 8 or 9 I believe) as it can be a very crowded place later in the day.

Have you been to this part of Europe? And which of these places would you choose to see if you went to Slovenia? 


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