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Perruque Célébrité Today’s post is written by one of my dear friends Christina. I met her on a missions trip to Malaga, Spain this past summer. She is truly one of a kind. The fact that she is able to make banana pancakes with closed eyes says it all-believe me, I have seen it myself 😉 I have not met many people who have such a fierce love for the Lord as Christina has. One of the things she is really passionate talking about is putting Jesus first and how much Jesus means to her. So take a look at what she has to say. She sure got something on her heart.


  • Why is Jesus your first love?beach wedding gown

Jesus is my first and true love because he gave his life once and for all, so I could be set free. He is my strength, my savior, my love… It is so important to understand why Jesus surrendered his life for us. He chose the cross, he chose me. I don’t have to be perfect, because Gods love is perfect. Click To Tweet That is what life is about!

I believe that the reason why I keep falling more and more in love with Jesus is truly because of the way he loves me. And we love him because he first loved us. John. 4:19 “We love because he first loved us”. I believe that it’s true. Just one taste of his love can change everything in your life. And when you taste his love, you become more in love with Jesus, and I have hunger after his love every day. I can’t get enough of his love!
Sometimes we forget who is our first and true love. But God gently invites us to grow, and come back to him again. John. 2:4-5 “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.” When I was going through some tough times in life and I felt that I couldn’t trust people, Jesus covered me with joy, happiness, kindness, love, forgiveness and peace. I can never love any other person more than Jesus. He is my everything. Love is meant to be felt, and his love is so intense and so warm-hearted. His love goes on and on forever.


  • What do you do to keep Jesus as your first love?

The best way to talk to Jesus is to spend some personal time with him. Just search him every day, when you are happy and sad. Say thank you for all you have, and be grateful. You can find the answers to every question in your bible. So read in your bible. Jesus inspires me and is reminding me every day that I am loved, and the way I keep Gods spirit in me alive is to do what says AMEN in my heart. The way I find God is in the saddle on my horse. In his nature, in what he has created. God is the greatest painter.

So Jesus will always be my first love and I encourage you to let Him be your first love to.

By Christina Amstrup Johansen



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  1. Great post! I have been reading about this in books and posts and I feel like God is personally seeking me out in this, that I have not always put Him first, but I need to!
    A genuinely great message, and your friend sounds like an amazing Child of God (Something I aspire to be as well!)

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