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perruquemoinscher IMG_0375 homecoming dress

Long cardigan: Ichi
Striped shirt: Popbasic
Wedges and velvet skirt: H&M

What better excuse for going out in nature than doing a photoshoot?! And there are so many gorgeous locations perfect for a photoshoot just around where I live – and if you look around I am sure there are many beautiful locations where you live as well. We often find what we look for. So look around for something beautiful and I am sure you will find it.

So many trends incorporated in this outfit of the day. Can you spot them?

28 thoughts on “Outfit of the day

    1. Yes! Long cardigans are so cozy but they also look great with almost anything. And they feel like wearing a blanket 😉
      Thanks so much for the comment Alleha!

    1. Thanks girly!! Yes, it is amazing to think about no matter where you live you can go out in nature. It is fortunately a universal thing and I am oh so grateful for that 🙂

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