One of the keys to thriving

We have all experienced it. The crippling feeling of fear ripping away every sense of bravery and courage. Maybe you are afraid of feeling lonely, so you desperately try to avoid this feeling by finding a partner. Or maybe you are afraid of being judged so you do not go to church. Or maybe you are afraid of failing again so you do not even bother to try. There are lots of fears.

I have experienced the control fear can have on a person myself. For years fear has been controlling my life. When I was little God spoke to me about writing a book, but I never tried to fulfill my calling until a couple years ago, because I was so afraid of what other people might think of me and what I had spent so much time on. Instead of focusing on what God has told me, I thought more about other people. Was I able to accomplish writing a book? What is really from God? Wasn’t I too young? And so on.

Okay, I am not saying all fear is bad. Some fear is natural, like fearing heights, if we are on high cliffs. These kinds of fears we are born with, benefits us so we can survive.  Fear only becomes destroying and harmful when it begins to control our lives. When we pay more attention to our fears than to our God.

When we start letting fear control our lives, it is a sign that we do not fully trust God. That He is mighty enough to take care of us. To heal our wounds. When we let fear hinder us from following God and His plan and calling for us, we make it about ourselves-how WE feel and not what HE wants us to. Not that we will not get hurt if we fully trust God, but in the long run it will be the best and the happiest for us. Even when we are afraid, God has control. When we trust God completely, there is no room for fear, because fear and faith cannot coexist. So what do you choose-faith or fear?

Did you know that 365 times it is written “Do not fear” in the Bible. That is exactly enough for every day of the year. I do not think it is a coincidence; it is because God does not want us to fear. Because when God is on our side, there is nothing to fear.

As Brother Yun once said:

“The world can do nothing to a Christian who has no fear of man”.

The only one we should fear is God, not because He is mean or wants to punish us, but because He has got all the power now and forever more.

So I challenge you to live a life where we let our faith be bigger than our fear and a life where we let God be the leader of our lives and not fear. If we do this, imagine how much would look different and how much more we will accomplish for the kingdom of God.

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