An abandoned military facility: Naturlejren Auderød

As described by Visit Denmark Naturlejren Auderød is a nature centre with pick-your-own flower fields (during the summer) and a dark treasure next to the fields. Today you can explore the abandoned military training camp Auderød where the navy and navy seals where trained. It closed back in 2008 and kept as a kind of time capsule with dusty phone books and old coffee cups still sat in their original positions.

It is also one of the filming locations for Netflix series “The Rain”.

The interesting thing about this place is that my granddad were training as a navy seal at this exact place for 6 months of his training. So this place has both a historical and personal meaning to me.

The property is HUGE and consists of several baracks, auditoriums, a church, Friday Bar and buildings which use are unknown to me. The place is scary in and of itself and you need to be careful in the buildings with pee on floors, many broken windows and long lost dolls on the floor.

Naturlejren Auderød

The Church that looks surprisingly just like any ofther of the barracks there.

Naturlejren Auderød

The auditorium

Naturlejren Auderød
Naturlejren Auderød
Naturlejren Auderød

The pool the navy seals used to train

Sleeveless mini dress: & Other Stories

Tell me the story behind this?!!

Leaving Naturlejren Auderød I for sure had more questions that answers. How was life is the camp? Where does all the vandalism stem from? How many lived in each small room in the barrack and I could go on.. Maybe you have answers?

Do you have a fascination for abandoned places too? Tell me where I should go next!

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