…When mission is not glamorous


Sometimes God calls people to do very ‘unglamorous’ things. For instance the prophets. They were called to preach the words God spoke to them and it was often words about repentance and the bad things that would happen if people did not turn away from their wicked ways and turn their hearts back to God. A glamorous job to tell people these often welcomed words? No. And indeed those words were not welcomed. Often the prophets were mocked and looked down on.

Elijah’s calling was not only badly received by people, but it was also a lonely one;

“Then Elijah said to them, “I am the only one of the Lord’s prophets left, but Baal has four hundred and fifty prophets.” 1. Kings 18:22

Not that God has called me to anything so ‘unglamorous’ as what He called Elijah to do. At least now yet… But I have still discovered that God loves calling people to rather unglamorous things, to things out of our comfort zone and to things many people might not understand. I truly have learned more about this in the last 6 months.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and my uncle had just passed away with cancer leaving two small kids and a heartbroken wife behind. My heart hurt and my cheeks were streaked with tears while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, trying to find inspiration for future pictures and growing my blogger-network. Suddenly I came across a profile belonging to a girl who had just graduated from a DTS (a kind of Bible School consisting of a three months lecture phase and a 2-3 months outreach in another country) in Yosemite, California and right in that moment God answered a prayer of mine which I had been praying for years. A prayer that went like “Lord I really want to go on a Bible School and take 6 months out of my busy schedule to just seek you and dwell in your presence, but please show me where in the world you want me to go on this Bible School.” And right in that moment I knew in my heart – God wanted me to go to the Bible School in Yosemite. A peace finally settled in my heart about the future. Little did I know at that time what kind of school it was or where it was located. This I discovered in July this year when me and my family found ourselves in the beautiful National Park of Yosemite and later visiting that exact campus I had been led to months prior. There was no doubt, this was the place. And the school I wanted to go on would start in just another 8 months. There were just a couple problems with that. The school costs around 6000 dollars and I sure do not have that much money on my account, not even half of it. And the 6000 dollars are without the plane ticket to the United States from my home in Denmark. And I do not have any work or source of income at all. Surely I have applied for many jobs – in fact over 20, but have not been accepted for any one of those jobs. The people at the Bible School loves to camp and I have not even managed to sleep one single night in a tent yet. I have tried many times, but my head just cannot fall asleep in such an uncomfortable ‘bed’, if you can even call an air mattress a bed, haha… And not to mention the fact that moving right across the world for a specific time period has always proven to make the very extroverted me a lot more introverted, making it harder for me to get new friends.
Not what I have always thought of when thinking of going to a Bible School, but yet this is what I hear God calling me to do. Rather unglamorous, yes! Out of my comfort zone, sure! But I learned that this is the exact spot God wants me to be in. Because maybe, just maybe glamour and comfort are not what God intended me to rely on. Maybe, just maybe God did not intend me to live a life in my own comfort zone. Maybe stepping out of my comfort zone is the exact place God wants me. The place where He is the only constant. Maybe it is when everything around us is unglamorous, that God will be the only thing being glamorous and our focus will be on Him. Because if we set our focus on something else life will seem dark and oh so unglamorous. 

Post written 08.16.2016

9 thoughts on “…When mission is not glamorous

  1. Love this post! Great reminder that often times, God’s calling is not what we picture, but it is always better! He has wonderful things in store for us, even if they aren’t packaged as beautiful as we’d like.

  2. THIS!! God seems to love calling me to uncomfortable places. I’m learning to just accept that. It’s incredible to watch how he works in those instances.

  3. This is such a beautiful reminder. I understand where you are at about a year and a half ago I did my DTS in australia ( I am from Colorado) and I was filled with the same mixed emotions and feelings of inadequacy. Yet God is faithful to meet us where we are at and do so much more then we can even comprehend. Excited for this journey you are one. Embrace it and be soft to what God is doing in your heart it is a beautiful season of going deeper.

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