Meeting the dear Moriah Peters and pictures from Å-festival

This past weekend I went to a really amazing danish festival called Å-festival (in English it is called Riverfest). What makes this festival awesome-is that it is a Christian festival with lots of Christians attending from many different denominations and musicians performing who all believe in Jesus as their Savior. It is the only Christian festival here in Denmark, so I really wanted to support it. This was my first year going, so I have been so excited and counting down to hearing the American singer and songwriter Moriah Smallbone Peters, who was going to perform, for a long time.

Moriah and I had scheduled an interview a long time ago and this Sunday was the day I was going to interview her. Her personality blew me away.

She took time to talk with me though she was so busy.

She knew my name before I got the chance to tell her that I am Ida.

She came all the way across the stage when she was performing at the concert Saturday just to take my hand and say hi.

What amazing acts of kindness. I did not even dare to imagine she would be THIS awesome. And the best part of meeting her. I was reminded of how the love she was showing me, was just a tiny glimpse of how much my father loves me. And He loves you just as much. Even though we do not always want to spend time with Him, He wants to spend time with you and me. Even though there is more than 7 billion people on this Earth, He still knows your name. Even though so many people are calling His name, He still wants to come and just spend time with you. Just listen to what you have to tell Him. What an amazing God we serve. And thank you so much Moriah for reminding me of this truth and for showing me just a tiny glimpse and yet such a powerful glimpse of our fathers unconditional love for us.

Below you can see the interview I did with Moriah:

Thanks to the dear Julia for helping me filming the interview. I really appreciate your help!

Also some pictures from the festival:

prom dress NZ



Me and my girls and our caravan.

blush color prom gown

Lecrae performing. So talented.

party dresses

Meeting and hanging out with this extremely beautiful woman of God.

Moriah and her amazing girl band consisting of Jesi, Elizabeth and of course Moriah performing. Moriah performed two different days. About 3000 stayed at the festival the whole weekend.

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