Meet 19-year old intern for Vera Wang Brandie Rose Ribeiro

Collage blogToday I want to welcome the amazing Brandie Rose Ribeiro to my blog. For those of you who do not know her, Brandie is 19 years old, a bridal intern for the famous designer brand Vera Wang, the designer behind singer and songwriter Moriah Peters’ dress in her new music video for ‘Brave’ and a Christian. She is super inspiring and I am so honored to be able to feature her on my blog today! Hope you will be inspired by this amazing woman of God just like I have been.

Here is the link to Moriah Peters super awesome music video for her song ‘Brave’ in which you can see the dress Brandie has designed:   blog post

When did your love for fashion, designing and sewing begin?

I fell in love with the art of fashion since I could talk. In kindergarten, I would fight with my mother about clothes. She wanted to dress me up in floral dresses while I opted for my denim mini skirt and leather boots… what could I say, I was a 90’s kid. Shopping has always been my favorite hobby, starting at the age of four I knew how to take my father’s credit card to online shop at Old Navy… of course, we had to put a stop to my young addiction. My interest in sewing started in eighth grade and grew from there. I took sewing classes all four years of high school and got accepted into the Fashion Design program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise during my junior year. Now, I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.kcas

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Model: Brandy Hughes

How and when did you know you wanted it as your career?

I have always loved fashion. However, I did not realize I wanted be apart of the fashion industry until the fifth grade. Before fifth grade I dreamed about being a mime, K-Frog radio DJ, acrobat for Disneyland, and manicurist… I wish I was kidding about this.  Then in the fifth grade, I thought I wanted to be a buyer and dreamed about working for Nordstrom. In my freshmen year of high school, I found my passion for design. I took a sewing class with an amazing teacher and she had me participate in Avante Garde fashion shows. Every year for the fashion show I did bridal wear and from then on, I knew that I wanted to be a bridal gown designer.

What was your reaction when Moriah Peters contacted you and asked you to be apart of the ‘Brave’ music video? What was it like working with her?

I was introduced to Moriah’s music in 2013 and I have been listening since. Her music is so inspiring and uplifting. In March of 2015, Moriah contacted me via Instagram (@brandieribeiro) to design a gown for her for the Brave music video. I was definitely shocked because I had been listening to her music for two years. It was such an honor working with Moriah, she is so sweet, humble, and very funny. We had less than two weeks to design and make the gown, hence everything went very fast paced. The music video came out beautifully, I hope everyone watches it!

How has your faith impacted your career?

Faith has definitely impacted my career. I would not be where I am today without God. He is the one who gave me this talent and has opened all the doors to the opportunities I endure. My faith is what gets me through every day, I know that He put me in the fashion industry to glorify Him. Often, I find myself very tired however, He always gives me the energy and motivation to go about my designs and glorify Him.

What does modesty mean to you?

Modesty to me means to have respect for yourself, know how much you are worth (we are worth A LOT), and never settle for anything less than you deserve. I highly recommend How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul by Jason and Crystalina Evert. The book opened my eyes about modesty and made realize how God made us and our bodies are so special.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is a different day for me. I wear many hats, I am a student, intern, and designer so my days go according to which hat I am wearing for that day. On my “student” days I am at school (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise- FIDM) all day in class and in labs. Also, I am an ambassador at my school so in between classes I conduct meetings for FIDM’s career center. For my “intern” days, I am up bright and early drinking as much caffeine as I can for my day at Vera Wang Rodeo in Beverly Hills. All day, I prep gowns for fittings such as removing zippers, basting hems, sewing bra cups, beading, or adding lace. For my days as a designer, I am either locked away sketching, sewing, or patternmaking or I am out and about doing fittings.

What does it mean for you to live life fully alive?

To me, living life fully and alive means to be aware of the present, thankful for past, and optimistic about the future. To take every opportunity that God brings to your life and never regret anything. Everything and anything we do in life is meant to help us grow. Also, living life fully and alive reminds us to not get caught up in the materialistic fantasy but rather to realize true value in God, love, and people.

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You can also check out my interview with Moriah here:

8 thoughts on “Meet 19-year old intern for Vera Wang Brandie Rose Ribeiro

  1. How inspiring! I used to want to go into fashion in some way (still might, who knows!) but not know which area put me off. It’s lovely to hear about someone so passionate and driven!

  2. what an amazing internship to have!!! and a killer interview for your blog 😉

    as a fashion designer myself I could really appreciate this- especially the sections about faith and modesty, two subjects that are kind of seen as taboo in the fashion industry! Thanks for bringing that to light <3

    Haley x

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