Summer days by Lake Maggiore | Italy travel guide


Finally Summer came around this year and off I went with my family. This time on a road trip and one of the places we stopped by was the lovely Lake Maggiore area in the northern part of Italy. It was so stunning and everything so blue with the sky and water complementing each other so perfectly.

The view from our AirBnb

One day we decided to go on a boat sailing out from the nearby town of Stresa and explore two of the three islands in Lake Maggiore; Isola Bella and Pescatori. The trio of three islands have been owned by the wealthy Borromeo family since the 1600s. Isola Bella is known for it’s big castle and garden built like a pyramid and it really is majestic. The pyramid reaches a height of 37 metres and is laid out on ten terraces. One of the most beautiful and precious gardens I have ever seen.

Arriving at the island of Pescatori
Inside the beautiful baroque palace on Isola Bella
Just in case I forgot where I was 😉
Trying to dress the Italian way but no idea if I succeeded.. Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes and straw hat: H&M

Hope you liked this small glimpse of one of my days in Italy. This day of exploring the beautiful islands ended being my favorite day of the whole 2,5 week long vacation. I 10/10 recommend visiting this place!

Have you ever been to Italy? What was your favorite part?

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