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Throughout my life I have learned the importance of words. How much death words can bring. And how much life. It all depends on how we use them. I have had many people-friends, family, teachers, mentors, pastors, bloggers-speak words over my life. Words that were full of life that influenced me in ways they will never know. And when I stop for a second and think about it that’s the kind of person I want to be. A person who uses her words to bring life and love. Many practical ways exists to be this person. One of them is through the organization More Love Letters and their campaign #MLL12DAYS.  I am beyond excited to be a part of their campaign again this year. It’s a way to show up this season and help people in need by sending love-filled handwritten notes. During December 4th-15th, a letter request will be published every day. Notes will be written and sent off to be bundled up into a (hopefully HUGE) stack for the individual to receive.
Last year (see post here) was a blast so this is something I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Meet today’s recipient Alicia. A girl whose sweet sister requested a love letter bundle for her:

“My sister recently moved to Chicago with her boyfriend of three years. Things had been progressing in their relationship and she imagined herself marrying him. However, the relationship came to a totally unexpected and heartbreaking end.
Although my family is all within driving distance, he was all she had in her day-to-day life. She is heartbroken and can’t fathom living her life without him there–her best friend. She feels immense loneliness and doesn’t have a community around her to support and help carry her through.
Alicia is the most loving person I know and spends time writing letters to strangers and hanging love notes in the trees of her town on Valentines Day. She loves through her words and actions on a daily basis and I know that receiving words of encouragement from others could really lift her spirit and help her to know she isn’t alone.”

My heart is aching for this precious girl who was so brave to move far away for love. But unfortunately things didn’t work as she hoped.
Will you join me and being the community that’s there for her when times are most rough and encouragement most needed? To tell her and show her that she is not alone? To pray for her?

I would love for all of you to join me in sending Alicia some love during this difficult time. Please send your love letters by December 20th (this letter request is the last one from the campaign-so now is your chance to join) to:

Alicia’s bundle
℅ Genna F.
1331 Keenland Drive
Bartlett, IL 60103

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment! I’ve never heard about the Love Letter challenge, but what a great idea to send people loving words to help uplift and encourage!

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