The impossible made possible – Easter to me


A little less than 2000 years ago an innocent man was crucified. Three days after the crucifixion He rose again. The impossible was made possible by this man. Here is some of the reasons why I believe with all of my heart that the resurrection took place-not just in a figurative way but very literally:

We know for sure that Jesus really lived. We know that His personality and actions was like it is described in the Bible and that He was a famous man at that time with many followers. Many historical sources affirm this. We also know that He was crucified (perhaps his bones were crushed like it was custom in the Roman culture, which the people who killed Jesus belonged to) and it is confirmed by multiple sources that three days later the tomb He was buried in was found empty and this tomb had been guarded very strongly. Why could this happen? Did the disciples steal His body? Did the Romans steal His body? …Or had a resurrection really taken place?

  1. The tomb was really empty. When the disciples claimed Jesus really was resurrected it would be easy for the Romans to show the disciples His dead body if the problem wasn’t that they had no clue where Jesus’ body were.
  2. The first people to see the empty tomb were women. This alone is something the disciples probably never would have come up with on their own; because the people at that time meant that the beliefs of women couldn’t be trusted or used to anything. So it’s highly unlikely that the disciples would have made this story up if it wasn’t what actually happened.
  3. Jesus was seen by over 500 people after His resurrection.
  4. When Jesus was crucified the disciples were spread. They simply dissolved. All their hope had just been crushed and they seemed to have been wrong about Jesus. So if it wasn’t because Jesus really had been resurrected why would they gather again and keep telling people about this man who was the Son of God?
  5. If the resurrection of Jesus wasn’t true why would some of the wealthiest and intelligent men by willing to leave their positions and even offer their lives for this cause. And why would hundreds of people be willing to end their lives as gladiators and martyrs with joy?

To me I cannot find any other explanation than that all this only can be true, because Jesus really was resurrected. When all hope seemed lost and everything the disciples had hoped for were suddenly crushed and hope seemed lost Easter Day finally came. And end to all their despair came and something they would never have even dared to hope for happened. Jesus made the impossible possible.
And the same is true for you, when all hope seems lost and there seems to be no way out, the impossible is made possible. Click To Tweet Easter Day will come.

Let us celebrate Him today, because my friend, He is risen. Indeed He is.

“Stricken, smitten, afflicted, pierced, wounded bruised He died
so that we might live.”

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. I acknowledge that not everyone reading this will agree and that’s okay. Just as I respect your different opinion I hope you also will respect mine. Have a great day!

This post was inspired by the book “God’s not dead” by Rice Broocks

12 thoughts on “The impossible made possible – Easter to me

  1. The Bibles states that this will all sound like foolishness to those who do not believe, that we can only believe if we submit to the God spark built into our hearts, but thinking about these men as real people who supported someone, followed Him, and when he was killed, disbanded and ran away. I think about our political race this year, when your candidate drops out, you hang on for a few days, then move on, someone you supported for years, and then sigh, move on. If Jesus didn’t come back, didn’t make clear physical appearances, eating and drinking and having his wounds physically touched, these people wouldn’t have left their safe lives AGAIN to risk dying for Him. and most of them were brutally executed for telling people about Jesus. I wouldn’t die for a lie. Maybe for my husband, daughter, friends, but not for a lie – would they? I don’t think so . . .

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