How to get lasting curls using the Sapphire 8in1 curling iron

Sapphire curling iron

Curling iron used: Sapphire 8in1 curling iron  – right now on sale (Note: this curling iron was gifted to me by Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, but all views are my own)
hirt: Brave tank from Moriah Peters
Watch: Boccia
Makeup: lipstick from Elf, lipgloss (on top) from Gosh Cosmetics, mascara from Lancôme and eyeliner from Hema

Sapphire curling iron

To get the curls above I used the pearl barrel.
The Sapphire 8in1 curling wand set comes with 8 different barrels that all are able to make different kinds of curls. Some barrels make big loose beachwaves others more bouncy curls and some make small tight curls. This curling iron sure has a barrel for every occasion. The set also comes with a heat resistant glove and a heat-proof pouch. This makes the iron perfect to take with you wherever you go or travel. The curling iron feels very light to hold and has an intelligent design featuring cool spots you can hold safely and a LED screen where you can see the temperature of the iron.


Sapphire curling iron

For these curls I used the 18/9 MM barrel.
The good part about the Sapphire curling iron compared to curling irons I have used in the past is that the curls the Sapphire curling iron makes lasts all the day. I didn’t even need to use my hair spray in order for the curls to stay all day!
Another huge plus is the fact that the curling iron is made out of tourmaline which makes the curling iron so much more resistant than plain ceramic barrels. Having been digging in a mine for this gem stone myself I know how valuable it is and how long it takes to find such a big portion of the beautiful and semi-precious gem stone. (Read more about my experience in this post: )

14 thoughts on “How to get lasting curls using the Sapphire 8in1 curling iron

  1. I so love that you were able to get an iron with barrels to help your curls last all day. I mean, you do all that work to curl and spray them in place that they really SHOULD last throughout the day. Your curls look lovely and frame your face so nicely!!

    Danielle | <3

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