Meet my favorite planner of 2017 and the company behind – Horacio Printing

Heavenly Planner
For me one of most important things when it comes to starting the year right is having a great planner. That’s how I knew I had found THE planner when I stumbled upon the company Horacio Printing and their Heavenly Planner. Not only is it a great planner with place for note and a overview on each month(something I value highly), but the vision behind the planner is amazing. That means the planner also has Bible verses on its pages and pages for heart checks and goal setting. Everything you could ever want all in one planner.

In my Heavenly Kit you can find:Heavenly Planner

  • The 2017 Heavenly Planner
  • Collectable Box
  • Linen printed bag to put your planner in! (keeps it nice and clean in your purse or backpack)
  • Bookmark with gold foil accents
  • Sticker Pad (4 Pages of Awesome Stickers)
  • Daily Notepad – Turn your weekly planner into a Daily planner!
  • 4×5 Gold Foil Print – Get our classic Small Print! The Best Is Yet To Come
  • The 2017 Bible Verse Print
  • An “you got this” notepad

You can take a look at the planner and maybe even buy one for yourself  here.

 Heavenly Planner


Q and A with the lovely Polly Payne founder of Horacio Printing:


1. When and why did you start Horacio printing? 

Things really started for Horacio Printing in August of 2014! I was itching to start my own business for a few years, and I finally took the leap after reading Erwin McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul.” Erwin’s thesis is we are created in God’s image and therefore we are artists, we are creative. He explained that our most important work of art was our life. I had so many dreams and I knew I needed to redesign my life to accomplish them. I started by making my first refocus cloud and then began to draw my life planner. (I always loved using a planner in school) I felt God speak in to my heart that He was going to use the talent He had blessed me with to minister to people.


2. What is behind the name Horacio Printing? What is your vision?

Horacio is the name of the street I lived on in the West Village in Manhattan. It is so cute! (very small and quiet) I looked into the name and Horacio is a character from Shakespears Hamlet and it means ‘time keeper.’ At that moment that became our name! My vision and mission is to help people unleash their inner artist and connect with their God-given purpose. I believe that everyone is created in God’s image so they have a God given creativity and imagination. I believe everyone is an artist and that your most important work of art is your life. 

3. Since my blog is called ‘Live Life Fully Alive’ I would love to know what living life fully alive means to you? What does that look like on an every day basis?

Living fully alive to me is to live fully awake! To be aware of our thoughts, our dreams, our distractions and our desires. I think it is easy to live life distracted to sleep walk through life. To be awake to life and to take control of it is my passion! 
I think it is important to have quiet time to ask yourself what you want and write down your dreams. 
The word ‘dreams’ or ‘goals’ or ‘bucketlist’ might sound corny or something people do not have time for, but the truth is, your current actions and habits are determining who you are becoming.
Instead of letting our distractions or our culture define who you are becoming, I want to encourage people to take control of this and ask this question. Who am I becoming?
Our current actions are currently reverberating the desires of our hearts, what we are chasing after.I want to be aware of the distractions that are stealing my time, the thoughts that are limiting me and all the other things that I need to get rid of.  Many things the world defines as success are very meaningless once they are obtained. 
To live wide awake is to take control and to dream with God and make it happen! I want to be wide awake to His love for me, His grace over my life, and His calling in my life. A life centered in Christ and covered in His grace and supported by His joy is a life worth living. Horacio Printing
Disclaimer: The planner was sent to me by Horacio Printing, but only after I had showed in Horacio Printing and their Heavenly Kit. 
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6 thoughts on “Meet my favorite planner of 2017 and the company behind – Horacio Printing

  1. First of all, may I make a suggestion for the comment box. When you type in the comment box, the print is tiny and makes it difficult to see what you are typing. Sometimes, we don’t know these things unless someone shares. Your blog is beautiful! I love the pictures and the clearness and style. My planner is my go to because it keeps me focused and ontrack. I love how she came up with the name Horatio and I love Irwin Mcmanus. This year I am using the iBloom planner and I love it. I’m always open to new ideas though! Great post!

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