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Crafting is such a huge hobby of mine and a great way to relax for me. So I made this adorable marble print DIY and I really liked the outcome, so I wanted to share it with you my dear readers, so you can make it too if you want. It is really not expensive or hard to make, but it takes some practice to make the print great.


  1. Take the cardboard you want to make this DIY on and tape all the way around the edge, so you will have a clean nice frame on the finished product
  2. Take the pyrex dish and spray shaving cream until you have covered the whole thing. Then take the first color of food coloring and drip two or three drops and stir lightly through the cream. Move on to the next color and add as many colors as you would like. CAUTION: if you add to many colors and mix them too much you will end with a brown color
  3. Place your print or stationary facedown onto the shaving cream and push down to where it makes an imprint in the shaving cream. Do it until you have the color combination you wish for.
  4. Next slightly peel the card off the shaving cream and place it onto a paper towel
  5.  From a bottom corner of the card scrape the shaving cream completely off by using a ruler and voila you are done9
  6. Let the print dry for some time
  7. And then you are done and have a really nice print.

If you decide to make this yourself feel free to tag me in your pictures of it by tagging @idapahus and #livelifefullyalive on Instagram and Twitter.

Inspiration: Scarlet and Gold blog and youtube

43 thoughts on “DIY marble print

    1. Wow, that’s so cool! You must have been so creative in your childhood 🙂
      I just learned about it now and I am so happy I finally know how to do it!

    1. Aww that sounds so cute Liz!! It sure is something can do almost no matter how old you are.
      I did it again with my cousins last weekend who are a lot younger than me and it turned out great. Please send me the pictures of your art if you do it and I might share them 🙂

    1. Sounds good! Would love to see it when you are done 🙂
      Wishing you the best with moving! Hope it will be great and you will be surrounded by awesome neighbors!

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