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Just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean there never is more to see or that you cannot be a tourist in your own city so exploring the city of Copenhagen is just what I did yesterday when a friend travelled to visit. And here are some of my favorite finds – some old and some just discovered. For more places in Copenhagen see my first travel guide here.

Hay House, Strøget

The store Hay House was such a cute find and my first time there. Hay House is a Danish furniture and interior design store right in the heart of the city. Had seen pictures from it plenty of times but never actually managed (or really tried) to find it until now. It’s located on the 2nd floor on Østergade 61 and the view from the store is the most beautiful overlooking the crowd at Strøget.


The old and beautiful observatory with its white walls never ceases to amaze me.


It might be old and a classic and you might have seen it before on my blog but there’s a reason why. And I think these pictures does a pretty job at explaning why 😉 At least it is in this quarter of Copenhagen I have found some of the most colorful buildings I have seen so far.

What are some colorful places you have found in your neighborhood? 

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