A story worth telling

FINALLY I’m back with a new blog post!! Unfortunately I have been stuck in a creative rut for quite some time which led me to question the purpose of my blog and why I am running it.
Is it because I think I can put some beauty out in this world?
Can I even inspire people?
What makes people want to read my blog when there are millions of blogs to choose between?
Do I really have something to offer?
What makes a blog post worth posting and reading?
And so on my thoughts went. Right until the point I found some truth to hold on to. This truth came to me in the form of a poem.

Tell the story
of the mountain
you climbed. 
Your words
could become a page
in someone else’s
survival guide.
Morgan Harper Nichols

So could it be that maybe we all have something to share. Maybe we all have a story to tell. And maybe we are all called to be a storyteller. Sure sharing can look different for everyone, (for some it might look like telling stories through pictures, for others through words, for others through teaching, for others though…) but I strongly believe there is room for us all in this world because God’s Kingdom has no limits. Maybe a lot of us share the same but why should the fear of someone else doing something that looks similar to what we are doing hold us back when the creator of the Universe thought about you even before you were born and thought the world needed a person just like you as well (Psalm 139:14)?

Outfit details
Dress: American Vintage | Shoes: Soludos | Belt: thrifted | Hat: Føtex

So here’s to more posts coming, more of life to be shared and more of my voice being used online!
…Because maybe just maybe sharing is the exact thing that makes this huge world just a little smaller and has the power to make us feel just a little less alone. And that makes it so absolutely worth it.

3 thoughts on “A story worth telling

  1. Hey Julie, I really can identify with your thoughts on blogging. I have been there too but have decided as long as I have fun to write, blog, take pictures and create I will keep doing it because in the end every content is unique and can only be provided by you.

    best wishes Miri

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