5 things I would love to do more

Here are 5 things I would love to do more:


1. Get outside. I really find myself looking at things differently if I go outside. Suddenly my problems become so small compared to the huge nature outside, instead of just sitting inside looking at how big my problem is and having nothing else to see. Nature is so beautiful and has so many positive and healthy effects.


2. Getting things offline. Instead of  being so much online, I want to focus more on the things that’s offline, the things that will be there when I have no WiFi-connection.


3. Stop thinking twice about everything. Making decisions can be so hard for me. Instead of just doing it and end up thinking way too much about it and when I finally make up my mind it’s too late. Like the other day when I had fallen in love with a tiered playsuit online and when I finally decided to buy it, it was too late. All of my sizes were now gone.


4. Take more chances. Just do it. Do the things I really want to do that makes me come alive, no matter how silly it might be or sound. You only live once, right?

Instagram 25. Wishing the best for the people you wish you had what they had instead of being jealous. Every time I find myself thinking “Oh, I really wish I could have been there” or something similar I am beginning to pray that they will have a lovely time and thank for all the other opportunities I have. So much changes when we are able to be happy for other people’s joy and start to make it our own.

What are some things you would like to do more of in the coming time?

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15 thoughts on “5 things I would love to do more

  1. I found myself thinking about how much time I spend online. Although most of it is related to my blog it’s still a lot of time! I would love to unplug more. I would love to get outdoors more. I am excited that our Alaska weather is finally settling down so I can spent more time outside without freezing and slipping on ice . That’ll also give me a chance to work on my bucket list for this year! So many new adventures ahead!

  2. Oh I agree. I blog, *and* I sell on eBay. I often tell my husband my ideal vacation is just not looking at any screen for a week. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the online world. Taking chances is also a big thing for me. In some ways I am very cautious, but in other ways I am willing to put myself out there. I think it is a mix because of my parents. My mom was always cautious, and Dad was always boisterous. When I was in 3rd grade, a girl younger than me did a demonstration of how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I tried to beat her. I’d never solved the Rubik’s Cube before, but she had a number of times. Mom was humiliated I tried and failed. Dad said, “There’s always a first time for everything!”

  3. Thanks for this lovely post ! We NEED to do more things , we really want to do and not just always what others expect us to ! Overthinking kills spontaneity , sometimes we need to be a bit selfish aswell . You might like this one aswell // http://www.klaudiascorner.net/enjoying-life-means-loving-what-you-do/ //
    Enjoying life means loving what you do , I wrote this a while ago . Wishing you a lovely weekend , will subscribe for more great posts ! Thank you 🙂

  4. Wow! I loved this post! I totally agree and would love to stop thinking twice about everything too! Such a bad habit for me. I also loved the one about making things offline and stop depending so much on the internet for everything.

    Great post and blog 🙂

    Marielisa | http://www.primpandwear.com

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