Staying at Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa, Crete

Last week my friend and I traveled to Crete, Greece. As many of you probably dream of too, one of my dreams for a long time has been staying in an overwater bungalow – like the ones you see in the Maldives or Bora Bora. And guess what? You don’t have to travel further than Greece to make this dream come true.

We stayed in the overwater bungalow at the 5-star luxury resort Stella Island and it did for sure not disappoint. The place is expensive but definitely worth if you ask me and the 10000+ other members in the Stella Island fan group on Facebook. Yess the place is so stunning it has a fan group!

Whether you get to go there yourself or not, I wanted to take you around this enclosed, adults only resort for you to see it yourself. So have a look at some of my favorite pictures..

Stella Island, Crete
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Maybe I won’t unfollow you..

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Over the past many months I think we all have seen it.

The Instagram stories and posts that tell that either you’ll be blocked if you don’t agree or you are asked to unfollow if you disagree.

And yes, I understand these posts are usually regarding things, I just as much as you probably, wish we could all agree on. But that’s simply just not always the case.
But maybe asking people to leave when they disagree solves nothing. We just distance ourselves further.

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Staycation at Hotel Ottilia

Do I want to travel?

Do I want to spoil myself and celebrate getting through 2020?


And that’s is why I spent this weekend enjoying a staycation in my own city of Copenhagen at the luxury boutique hotel, Hotel Ottilia.

The hotel is fairly new and opened last year in the iconic buildings that once were used as a brewery where the world famous Carlsberg beer was made.

But the hotel is iconic in so many more ways. One of my favorite ways being their industrial design and how they have kept the original details like the big, round panoramic windows.

Take a look yourself. I stayed in the Superior Double room.

Hotel Ottilia
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An abandoned military facility: Naturlejren Auderød

As described by Visit Denmark Naturlejren Auderød is a nature centre with pick-your-own flower fields (during the summer) and a dark treasure next to the fields. Today you can explore the abandoned military training camp Auderød where the navy and navy seals where trained. It closed back in 2008 and kept as a kind of time capsule with dusty phone books and old coffee cups still sat in their original positions.

It is also one of the filming locations for Netflix series “The Rain”.

The interesting thing about this place is that my granddad were training as a navy seal at this exact place for 6 months of his training. So this place has both a historical and personal meaning to me.

The property is HUGE and consists of several baracks, auditoriums, a church, Friday Bar and buildings which use are unknown to me. The place is scary in and of itself and you need to be careful in the buildings with pee on floors, many broken windows and long lost dolls on the floor.

Naturlejren Auderød

The Church that looks surprisingly just like any ofther of the barracks there.

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Staying at Istoria Hotel | Perívolos Beach, Greece

Located on the black volcanic sand of Perivolos Beach in the southern part of the island of Santorini one finds Istoria Hotel, a 12-suite retreat and mansion. The place is a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics and has everything you need for a relaxed stay. This blend is caused by the premises originally housing 5 stables where the former owner used to keep her beloved horses. Some of these elements of the original estate are being incorporated into the suites and is part of creating the authentic atmosphere Istoria is known for. This place is truly designed to function as the personal recreative oasis we all need.

Istoria Hotel, Santorini |

The entrance to Istoria Hotel from the restaurant.

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Travel with me to Oia | Santorini travel guide

With its beautiful views and golden sunsets it quickly became very evident to me why Santorini, and specifically Oia, is one of the most photographed places in the world. It sure is a place that lives up to the hype! In the whitewashed streets of Oia you will find photo opportunities everywhere you look. Since some places are private and hard to enter, I definitely recommend carefully selecting where to stay when travelling to the iconic cycladic island of Santorini.

Where to stay

Oia, Santorini travel guide |

One thing that should be on your radar when looking for a place to stay in Oia is staying in one of the renowned cave houses with a view overlooking the caldera.

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Travel diary: places to visit in the western part of Germany

When July came I packed our family car and headed for one week in Bavaria and Austria followed by another week in Rheinland-Pfalz in the western part of Germany. The latter is what I want to feature in this post.

Stolzenfels Castle

Selecting pictures to showcase this beautiful castle and its garden turned out to be a very hard task because I have too many pictures I love of this place to narrow them down. But I managed to cut it down to 5 and not the 56 I originally had.. 😀
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a former medieval fortress that turned into a palace and is located above the Rhine and near the city of Koblenz.

Live Life Fully Alive: Places to see in western Germany
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Staying cool on Østerbro

Recently I have started a goal of visiting something new in my city every week. So this week me and my friend Anne Marie decided to meet at Østerbro and start at the cafe Leckerbaer. Leckerbaer is a cafe known for reinventing the Danish butter cookie and adding lots of color and cuteness to their cakes. And while we were there, we went outside to eat our cakes and found this cute street we haven’t come across or heard about until this day. You can find so many places on Instagram but still be surprised by the places you find when you decide to leave your screen and just go outside and let yourself get lost a bit.

Meet my new favorite jacket. I saw it at Anthropologie US but it was sold out there, so I brought it from another website. All to find out when it arrived that the brand it’s from, Numph, is a brand located in my hometown of Kolding and with a base in my childhood city of Holstebro. What a coincidence, this jacket must be meant to belong with me!

Jacket: Numph (find it here) | Beanie: gifted years ago | Jeans: Global Funk by Message

The beautiful cakes from Leckerbaer. These two are with passionfruit filling and raspberry cream on top.

Isn’t this street pretty? In case you want to find it and see it yourself it’s called Olufsgade and is located close to Trianglen at Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Do you have any colorful places like this where you live?

For my other blog posts about Copenhagen click here, here and here

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Visiting Julie Nielsdotter jewelry

Earlier this week I had the immense pleasure of visiting and getting a tour of the Julie Nielsdotter Jewelry shop in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. And what an experience it was! Not only is the whole store infused with the most beautiful pink and gold tones, but Julie also makes the prettiest pieces of jewelry and has such a genuinely kind personality. Who says you can´t be kind and a leader at the same time? Julie embodies both things so well as she is a self-taught goldsmith.

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